Property Record

Th Property Record allows for the recording and inventory of individual property. Using this record, users can upload an image of each property item, add estimated values, dates acquired, and a description of each item. Whenever an item needs to be removed, users with the appropriate privilege can simply dispose of the item. The record keeps track of each user that adds items and removes them, and accurately adds date and time stamps to each entry. The ability to remove items or edit existing property items can be restricted using the built in privilege management system to ensure only specific users have the ability to edit or remove item's.

Using the Property Record you can

  • Upload photos of individual property.
  • Restrict employees who can edit or remove items.
  • Easily add new items.
  • Print for use as a packing or moving list or export to PDF for upload to guardians or case-managers.
  • Ensure accuracy with date & time stamps.
Property Record