Training Objectives/Teaching Strategies

When you need to document a clients progress towards learning something new, the Assisted Life Training Objective is your resource. Using this feature users can add a new objective for an individual, establish criteria, set instructions for staff, set frequencies, establish baselines, and ultimately track individual progress in learning something new. Users can “run” each training objective, and by comparing trials vs criteria for successful completion, determine if a client is making progress towards completing a goal. If no progress is being made, objectives can be modified easily to ensure goals are met.


Interfacing with the built in privilege management system, users can control who has access to modify the objectives, or run the objectives. These privileges ensure that the correctly certified employees are the only ones that have access to make changes to the overall instructions and composition of the form, and restrict employees who should only have access to “run” the objectives.


Cue Levels

Cue Levels

Training Objective

Training Objective Viewer
Managing each individuals Training Objective’s can be a daunting task for management. The Assisted Life Program features a utility for viewing multiple Training Objectives at the same time for all individuals. This tool captures each individuals progress for each of the objectives making it easy to identify areas where greater attention/focus is required, without the need to search through various sections of the program. All Objectives are color coded. In this system Green represents an objective that is 100% complete, Yellow represents an objective that is between 25% - 99% complete, and Red Indicates the objective is less than 25% complete. Objectives integrate with the Status Reporting tool giving you a high level overview of those objectives that may require additional attention on a daily basis.