Injury Tracking & Reporting

If an individual you support is ever injured keeping records of how that injury occurred what tracking and assistance was provided is crucial. Our Injury Tracking tool exists for this exact purpose.

Injury Photos and Follow Up Photos
This tool allows users to report injuries, upload pictures that capture injuries, and follow up images to track the injuries progression. This tool helps managers, administrators, behavior teams, nurses, quality assurance teams, case managers, and guardian's to monitor injuries from start to resolution. Using this tool, key personnel can keep up to speed with all injuries without needing to be physically present.


Users may sign up to receive internal and/or external notifications via cell phone and email whenever an individual for which they provide services has an injury report filed for them. This notification will direct the user to the report so that they can stay up to date with pertinent information. 

Injury Trending & Reporting
Understanding when and how injuries occur is a critical step in the path towards providing interventions. With that in mind the Assisted Life Program features the ability to generate detailed graphs/reports for its Injury Tracking Module. Users can generate reports for each client, programs, entire cities or state locations, and can select any period for which to generate a report. Reports can easily be exported to PDF or XPS for attachment to email to case manager’s or guardian’s.

Injury Report
Injury Report