Activity Scheduling & Reporting 

Activity Calendar

The Assisted Life Program Activity Calendar allows users to keep track of how many hours clients spend performing activities, working, shopping, involved in community integration activities, and hours spent in and out of program. In essence, it provides an overview of client activity. The calendar may be used daily to capture activities, in advance as a scheduling tool for appointment’s and outing’s, or retroactively to capture events that have already occurred. Once activities have been scheduled users of sufficient privilege can generate reports detailing exactly how many hour's the individual spent performing each type of activity over a day, week, month, or year’s of time. The Activity Calendar also syncs with Attendance reporting - capturing client “In Program”, and “Out of Program” hours for use in Attendance Reporting and Billing. It can also be setup to send appointment reminder notifications.

Scheduling “In-Program” & “Out of Program” Hours
Users have the following options when scheduling In-Program hours:

  • Medical Appointments
  • Community Integration Supported
  • Community Integration UnSupported
  • Home Based Activity
  • HouseHold Shopping
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Personal Shopping
  • Formal Instruction
  • Work Supported
  • Work Unsupported
  • (5) Options for IISP Goal Tracking

And the following options for Out of Program hours:

  • Jail
  • Hospital
  • With Family/Guardians
  • Miscellaneous

Activity Report

Activity Reporting

Scheduled activities can be reported using the Activity Calendar Reporting utility. This utility provides a comprehensive report and outlines every scheduled hour providing summaries for both out of program and in program hours. 

Each report includes the option of line, vertical, or horizontal bar graphs and can be generated for any period of time. The reports can be generated per client, per home site, per service line, city, or state. Users can also specify exactly which activities to include in the report, and may exclude values at will.