Appointment and Healthcare

The Appointment and Healthcare section offers users a place to record all appointment's and healthcare activity for each client. Using this tool you can track follow-up's, physician order's, and a wide variety of other information.

Adding Appointments
When a client attends an appointment users have the option of uploading that appointment here. Once added into the program, users are able to add any follow up appointments which populate the client activity calendar, and the due date manager so you never miss a follow up. Information about the appointment is added to the input form, and any doctor signed or other appointment documents may then be uploaded into the program. Once uploaded users can review the documents from either Android or Windows at any time. 

Ensuring Follow-Up’s Occur

Following through on physician order’s, and appointment’s in general is a crucial part of provider services. That’s why the Appointment system is designed to ensure you don’t miss appointments. Full integration with the Client Activity Calendar, along with integration in our Due Date Manager ensure that you never miss an appointment.

Integration with Plan Reporting
This feature links with Plan Reporting which means determining how long staff have spent reviewing medical documentation and the date/time of each interaction is easily achieved by generating a simple report from the Plan Reporting System.

Appointment and Healthcare Input Control
  Appointment Healthcare Summary