Data Tracking & Tracking Forms

The Assisted Life tracking system comes with over 30 templates to choose from. These templates are customizable for each client, allowing users to alter the forms to meet their needs in such ways as adding or modifying instructions and establishing requirements for compliance. Additionally, forms can be copied and assigned multiple times. All forms can be set up to integrate with Compliance and Status Reporting so you and your employees know exactly what to document for each client every day. These forms allow for printing or export to other formats such as PDF, and XPS. Our system allows you to assign forms individually to each client so that all clients have the forms they need, and nothing more. Required entries are color coded making it easy to identify fields requiring documentation each day.

Food Intake/Calorie Tracking
Our Food Intake Log is designed to help users track how much food or how many calories are consumed daily. As with all forms in ALP this form may be modified or tailored to meet a specific client protocol or need.
Food Intake
Bath Water Temperature Tracking
Recording the temperature of bath water prior to an individual bathing has become a requirement for many agencies. Easily record temperature(s) on this log which captures temperature(s) at multiple times per day. Each entry additional captures the employee assisting and the date/time of that assistance.

Exercise Log
The Exercise Log allows for the easy collection of tracking data related to individual exercise. This form can be used for tracking one or many different exercise activities.

Female Health Record
Keep track of menses care using the Female Health Record. Integrate with Compliance Reporting to ensure you are always aware of any inconsistencies while tracking.

Fluid Intake Tracking
Tracking daily fluid intake is easy using the Assisted Life Program Fluid Intake Tracker. Indicate the date & time of intake, the amount, and your initials and intake is record. Customize the record to include any protocol or specific client instruction. You may also integrate with compliance reporting for automated tracking.

Personal Care Record
Keep track of showering, daily hygiene, brushing, shaving, and more using the fully
customizable personal care record. Identify trends or gaps in care by integrating this record with the compliance reporting feature of ALP so you are always up-to-date with exact care performed, and gaps in care.

Physical Therapy Tracking
The Physical Therapy form allows users to track and record various exercises as might be prescribed or recommended through therapy. This form tracks who completes each exercise, captures the name and instructions for each exercise and the date/time of exercise. You can also track how well or often the exercises are done ensuring each client meets compliance with prescribed therapy.

Elimination Tracking
This form can easily be modified for use as a Bowel Movement Record, or a Urine Output Record, or both. Set protocols and integrate with compliance reporting to be notified of gaps in elimination. 

Refusal Log

By customizing this form you can keep track of any client refusal whether it be a refusal to take medication's, attend an outing, a behavioral refusal, or a personal care refusal. This form easily integrates with compliance so you know when a refusal has occurred.

Repositioning & Skin Integrity
If skin integrity is of particular importance for the individuals you support assign the repositioning and skin integrity tracking form. Using this form you can track skin breakdown, verify that staff are reviewing skin integrity and quickly spot issues before they get out of hand. This form like all others integrates with compliance reporting and status reporting so you can be 100% up to date with all pertinent events.

Weight Log

The Assisted Life Weight Log tracks client weight on a yearly basis. Every month users can record client weights. Administrators or managers can look back over years of data to review trends and patterns. Easily export the weight logs and send to guardians, case managers, therapeutic teams, etc.

Weight Log

Blood Glucose Record

Most typically used for tracking blood levels, the Blood Glucose record allows users to record daily glucose checks. Simply add the client protocol, modify the form to match the protocol, and users can record daily glucose checks.

Sleep Tracking
Keep track of sleeping patterns, sleep deficiencies and more using the Assisted Life Sleep Tracking Log. This form can integrate with compliance reporting to keep you up to date with current sleep issues.

Therapeutic Blood Levels
If your individuals use medication's that require blood level tracking the therapeutic blood level form is for you. Using this form you can keep track of each blood draw making note of current blood levels and reviewing previous levels to identify trends or issues.

Seizure Tracking
Easily keep track of seizure activity using the built in Seizure Log. Add each client specific protocol and assign to those client’s where seizure tracking is a necessity. Easily review comprehensive history by simply selecting a previous month/year to view. These forms are great for comparing years of seizure history with ease.

Seizure Log

Behavior Replacement Tracking
Track attempts to replace existing less desirable behavior with more desirable behaviors using this form. This form can be customized to support any type of replacement behavior. 


Other Tracking Forms:

  • Anger Outburst Tracking
  • Bedroom Pocket Searches
  • Dinner Participation Tracking
  • Blood Pressure Tracking
  • Goal Behaviors Scatter Plot Collection
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Household Chore Log
  • Medical Supply Chart
  • Target Behavior Scatter Plot Collection
  • Staff Behavior Log
  • Trip Savings Log
  • Zone Tracking
  • Fire Drill Log
  • Controlled Medication Count Sheets