Cleaning and Maintenance

Every time you add a new location to your services you will have the option of including a cleaning checklist at that location. This checklist provides a location for employees to keep track of the day to day cleaning tasks for each home location.

If the default cleaning checklist template does not work for your agency, we will happily design you one that does. Simply submit your template - and we will integrate your chosen design into the system.

Logging Errors and Other Events
If for any reason a cleaning task cannot be completed on time or additional information is important to record with that task, users can circle the entry (by either right clicking on windows, or long pressing on Android), and be taken to a log which provides a reason section for indicating the other information needed. This can be used in the event a user forgot to mark the cleaning item complete or missed the task previously. The cleaning checklist only allows users to make entries on the current day - ensuring the accuracy of data input. After which point users can use the circle entry to indicate additional information.

Cleaning Checklist