Staff Communication Board

Staff Communication Board

The Staff Communication Board acts as a means of communication among team members for an entire home location. Using the Staff Communication Board users can leave notes for one another, upload document’s or notices, and relay information that is home site specific. This tool can be used by manager’s to relay information to entire teams of people easily - and by requesting follow up - to determine exactly how many users have read/responded to the communication.

Secure Communication
Using the staff communication board you never have to worry about the security of your message. Only users that have the privileges to see that particular program will have access to review the communication board for that site. No need to hang things physically on the walls, simply upload your notices without ever leaving the office. All

Communication’s are safely encrypted and stored redundantly on servers in a highly secure facility. 

Audit Trails

Indicating that an entry should be followed up on, means you can track which employees have acknowledged reviewing an entry and which have not. Follow up’s are date/time stamped and specific to each user so that you can identify who followed up and when. 


Users may register to receive internal notification’s whenever an entry has been made to the staff communication board for a location at which they work. These notification’s help to ensure each staff person is aware of any new information in a timely manner. Notification’s here may also be used for corrective action providing a record of historic home communication.