Activity Log : Progress Notes/Daily Notes

Activity Log

The Activity Log is your place for collecting notes on daily progress, medical concerns, goals, and various other information. These logs can be tailored to each client and act as a central location for documenting daily progress for supported individuals. These logs also offer the ability to generate reports that easily capture how often specific topics are used, making it viable for tracking and recording behavioral data and easily generating reports for analysis and trending.

Adding and Following Up on Entries
Entries are added by clicking the “+” button. With each entry, users indicate a topic which provides for easy categorization and reporting. The date, time, and user’s name is automatically transcribed to the log based on the actual user, date, and time. It is also possible to follow up on existing entries keeping related entries together.

A pre-populated list of topics is available. This list may be tailored per company or per client. This list includes behavioral, community, goals, home, medical, other, school, and vocational. New topics can be added at any time using the “Manage Content” button by users of sufficient privilege.


Additional Features:

  • Sort by category, date, staff recording, Description, or psychoactive status. 
  • Filter specific date-range or period’s.
  • Combine filtering options to narrow down search results/generate ad hoc reports. 
  • Use the Additional Information button to get frequencies related to topic use.