Program Summary and Routine


The Home Summary and Routine captures pertinent information about each home location. Most commonly used for training new personnel or as a reference for quality assurance teams when reviewing program’s, this tool offers a full summary of how a particular program is laid out. The top portion of the form outlines the name of the home, address, phone number, and the program supervisor or manager responsible for that location. A list of emergency contact numbers can be built into each summary at each location for easy reference and management. Additional sections are provided outlining information such as the location and storage of tablets or PC’s, medical information and scheduling information, meal preparation and planning, information about home garbage days, and a miscellaneous section capturing things like cleaning routines, fire procedures, the location of emergency shut off valves, spare keys and smoking guidelines. For convenience, this form can be printed or exported for attachment to email.

For greater manageability, information such as the program address and manager information is automatically updated when changes to that information are made in other parts of the program. A  miscellaneous section is provided to capture any additional information that may not fit into the other provided categories or is unique to the specific home.

Home Summary