Incident Reporting & Incident Management

The Incident Report feature of Assisted Life allows you to completely record and track incident’s. These reports are built to capture all pertinent details from locations, incident type, person(s) involved, witnesses, and notification’s made. Additional sections are provided for supervisor or manager follow-up. Whenever an Incident with a type of Challenging Behavior is indicated, additional sections appear that capture details of the challenging behavior that can later be extracted in trends or report’s out of the incident report system.

Incident Types
Our report helps you to track a wide variety of incident types. Breaking down incident’s by type makes it easy to track and trend various incident’s allowing various types of reports to be generated that offer an inside look into why incidents might occur in the first place. These types are built into various other program features to be used for filtering and reporting.

Challenging Behaviors
Our Incident report features a unique section which only appears when an incident report is being filed for challenging behavior. When challenging behavior is indicated,additional information is collected. This information is then leveraged in reporting and trending to aid in identifying behavior trends or patterns. It also ensures the correct information is available when trying to determine on-going issues or behavior patterns and develop interventions. The challenging behavior sections are required for completion anytime a user indicates that the incident type is a challenging behavior. This ensures the needed documentation is collected for later use.

Incident Report Viewer
The Incident Report viewer is a tool for easily viewing summaries of every incident report for all or select clients. Users have the option to use one of 100’s of possible filters to determine exactly how many types of a specific incident have occurred, specific locations, duration's, and more. Using this tool it is possible to identify common patterns or incident trends. Each Incident is represented as a single line item summarizing the incident. This facilitates the generation of report’s that capture very specific types of Incident Information. 

Incident Report
Incident Reviewer

Whenever an incident report has been filed users have the option of receiving an internal and/or external notification to cell phone or email. Users can select specific clients to receive notification’s for, as well as select which types of notification’s they will receive. e.g. It is possible to say only notify me if a report is filed for a specific client and only if the type of Incident is “Self-Injurious Behavior” and required an RCS/CRU/APS notification. These notification’s ensure you

stay up to date with relevant issues immediately as they occur.


All Incident report’s can be leveraged against the ALP Incident Reporting system allowing for the generation of millions of possible report combination’s. These reports can be used to identify patters, track trends, and analyze when and why behaviors occur.

  Incident Reporting