Employee Accident Reporting

Handling employee accident's can be a challenging task. Streamline the process by using the Assisted Life Employee Accident Reporting Tool. This feature allows employees to file report’s, provides complete oversight and management of each accident, and even includes risk management and reporting capabilities for identifying trends and understanding why accident’s occur in the first place.

Accident Report Images
When users file an Accident Report they will have the option of using the provided medical man image where they can simply indicate via a circle what part of the body was injured, or they may activate the camera on the tablet or take a photo and upload it.

Supervisor Follow Up
Each accident report includes a section for supervisor's to complete. This section offers the supervisor an opportunity to investigate the settings surrounding the accident and provide a summary of events from their and witnesses perspective. This record is maintained in tandem with the original report.

Risk Management
Each Accident report comes with a specific section provided for Risk Manager's or those tasked with managing risk. Accident's can be closed once claims processing is complete, but remain a part of any reporting features for graphing and trending.

Accident Reports integrate with external notification's allowing users of sufficient privilege to register to receive a text or email notification when an employee they manage has filed a report. Additional notification's are sent within the program, and a reminder is sent every 24 hours to supervisors to remind them to complete the Supervisor Follow-up form.

 Employee Accident Report