Action List: Secure Task Management & Communication 

Action List

The Assisted Life Program Action List is a secure task management, communication, and delegation system. Using this feature users can assign themselves task’s for completion, or assign their employees tasks for completion. Users can also access an entire history of any task’s that have already been completed by themselves or others which they manage.

Assigning Task’s
The Action List can easily be used to manage ones own tasks by simply adding a task to the “Current” tab. Each employee has a current tab which displays any task’s they have assigned themselves, as well as task’s that have been assigned by their supervisors. Users may be restricted from delegating task’s if desired. All task’s once assigned can trigger internal notification’s informing the staff of the new task assignment.

Delegating Task’s
For managers and supervisors, the need to delegate task’s for completion and track those task’s is accomplished using the delegated task’s tab. From this tab a manager can select from any one or multiple staff to which they are mapped to assign a task or task’s. This will notify the staff of a new task being added, and once completed will notify the supervisor of the completion of the task. This captures an objective overview of when task’s are assigned and completed. The history of which can be used for performance correction and review.

Completed and Historic Task’s
To review any task’s that have been completed whether they were assigned to other employees, or to one self users may use the Completed Task’s tab which displays the last 25 task’s. An Action List History tool is provided for seeing all completed task’s for all employees .