Medication Management & The Medication Administration Record (MAR)

Assisted Life Program MAR

The Medication Administration Record (MAR) offers a familiar interface for the medication administration process. The MAR has been developed with existing knowledge of medication administration in mind to ensure fast comprehension and easy training when transitioning from paper or other systems to our MAR. The MAR can be easily exported to PDF for attachment to email or printed.

Scheduling Medication(s)
With the Assisted Life Program users have the option of easily adding, updating, and discontinuing medication(s) as order's change. Users are provided with an interface for adding the name of the medication, description, side-effects, prescription number, prescription date, start date, and the ability to indicate whether the medication is “delegated” or “restricted”. Users may then select times for the medication to be given. The system can automatically circle medications not completed on time and send reminder notifications when medications are coming due or after error's have occurred. 

Reminder's and Notification's
A user may register to receive internal notification’s (while logged into the program) or external notification’s (sent via text-message, email, or both). There are a variety of options when receiving notification’s including when medication is marked as Packed, Missed, Held, Self-Supervised, Refused, or as an Error.  Option’s to receive notification’s when PRN’s have been given where no follow-up has occurred; Or 45 minutes after a medication is due to be given where no entry has been made for the medication, are also available.

Medication History
Easily generate reports that capture all of the medication’s an individual has ever been prescribed. This history details each medication and all information related to that medication such as why it was prescribed, discontinued, or changed. 

Medication History

Medication Migration
Preparing a new month MAR is as easy as clicking a button. Prior to the end of the month, simply click “Migrate Medication’s” and review the list of medication’s to be moved from the current month to the next.

Migrating Medications Continued...

This process ensures managers or administrators can review current order’s, and catch issues before medication’s are assisted with.  When the list is accurate, users move all medication’s from the current month to the next for continued administration.

Medication Reporting

 Medication Reporting

 Identifying trends in medication administration is easy using the built in reporting tools offered in Assisted Life’s MAR Reporting section. Here you can report by State, City, Service Line, Program, Client or Staff member for any range of time. Identify trends in large area locations - by manager case-load, or in individual staff to client relationships.

Privileges and Restriction's
Users have the option to enforce rules using the Assisted Life MAR. Restriction’s may be added to a medication so that any user without the proper training or certification would be unable to sign a MAR medication until  properly trained or certified.

Color Coding

Easily identify medication’s that are due to be given using the provided medication color coding system. Visually distinguish between Routine medication’s and PRN medication’s. On Android devices medications are not presented on screen to the user unless requested, or an entry is coming due, reducing the chance for medication errors.  Additionally, medication’s can not be signed for until the appropriate allotted time window.