Assisted Life Program Overview

Program Overview

The Assisted Life Program is a comprehensive data management solution for social service providers. It features tools for Individual Support such as medication management, Incident reporting, activity and community integration tracking, behavior management, goal tracking, and more. Administrative and management tools are also provided for ensuring overall program and contract compliance, to manage employee accident reports, secure staff communication, task delegation and task management, in addition to due date management, and much more. 

Using the Assisted Life Program providers can:


  • Receive Real-Time Notifications
  • Consolidate Risk
  • Track Goals and Performance
  • Trend Data & Manage Outcomes
  • Manage Overall Contract Compliance


The Assisted Life Program is:

  • Designed in collaboration with industry experts
  • Fully hosted - meaning we manage your data in our secure data center FOR YOU!
  • Used by over 2,000+ Employees every single day.

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