What is the Assisted Life Program SMS/Email External Notification Service?

The Assisted Life Solutions SMS/Email External Notification Service allows users to opt-in and receive notifications for system events about the clients they support within the Assisted Life Program. 


I no longer wish to receive these notifications. How do I Opt-Out?

If you are receiving these notifications in error or if you do not wish to receive these notifications any longer you may opt-out of receiving these notifications by following these steps:


If you have access to the Assisted Life Program, observe the following:

(1) Using the Assisted Life Program, navigate to the external communication section for which you would like to no longer receive external notifications.

(2) Select your name from the list of users that are opted in to receive these notifications. 

(3) Press the "-" or "Remove" button to remove yourself. 

(4) You are removed from receiving notifications.


If you do not have access to the Assisted Life Program, or are unsure what the Assisted Life Program is, observe the following:

(1) Contact Us Immediately, and delete the message(s).

(2) If you previously worked for a company where you received these messages as part of your routine duties or job responsibilities, contact them immediately and notify them that you are still receiving external communications, and request that they remove you from the list of registered users in writing.


What is the price of the Assisted Life Solutions SMS Email External Notification Service?

There is no additional cost for the services. However, normal text message rates or other rates may apply. Check with your carrier for details on your specific plan.


What carriers are compatible with Assisted Life Solutions SMS/Email External Notification Service?

Compatible Carriers Include:



Verizon Wireless

And Sprint

This list may be frequently updated, Contact Us to receive the most up to date list.


Are there any additional carrier charges associated with the service?

Standard message rates apply to all text messages. Message rates differ from carrier to carrier, so please contact your wireless phone service provider to inquire about the details of your plan.


Is this service available for International Users?

At this time SMS notifications are only supported for our subscribers within the United States. Our Email notifications can be subscribed to from any location worldwide.




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