The Assisted Life Program has been developed with the following specific set of goals in mind. 

Program Stability  


Our products undergo significant testing to ensure that they remain stable, and are fully dependable in the work-place environment. Our products are continually tested against new operating system variables, updates, new software, and hardware to ensure on-going compliance. Our data security model follows best industry standards to maintain the security and integrity of all data.


       Program Accuracy

Ensuring accurate data is very important, the developers of Assisted Life Solutions have worked hard to ensure complete accuracy. Our products offer reminders that are built in to various functions to ensure data is entered in a timely manner, completely, and within other specified guidelines. By implementing our design, information is more accurate than other types of manually entered data as it is not possible to exaggerate, alter, or dishonestly or accidentally modify fixed details of data entry. Where possible, we apply actual date/time stamps or other data signatures unique to each user. Users are specifically defined in the system by roles, and mapping relationships to other users and clients, significantly reducing the likelihood of another person altering or changing the accuracy of information recorded.

Program Compatibility  


Transparent access and manipulation of files from other applications is vital in a modern office. Assisted Life Solutions has worked hard to ensure that our Program's function well with other programs, and file types. For this reason we support a very large number of file types within our programs, ensuring functionality despite differing file types.


Program Simplicity

Learning new and unfamiliar interfaces can be an expensive and frustrating process. The Assisted Life Program attempts to present itself so that a user's familiarity with other applications or forms will still apply, and to offer new features in an intuitive manner. Those users who have experience with data input already, whether using printed forms, or digital forms, will find that the visual nature of the forms with which you interact will very closely resemble the printed versions with which you may already have experience. This consideration was made to make the interaction with all digital data entry forms as seamless and easy as possible.

  Program Affordability  


Making the leap from physical data entry to a digital system can be a terrifying step, not to mention an expensive one.  The Assisted Life Program offers a service to providers that is affordable.  We drive constantly for a product that is not only better, and easier to use, but a product that all agencies no matter the size, can afford to implement.  We believe this product can better ensure the safety of those supported by it, and provide a more cost effective system for all providers reducing the financial burden at a national level.


        Program Features         

The Assisted Life Program has a large variety of abilities that meet the vast majority of user needs. New features will be added to releases based upon user input with the current release. The Assisted Life Program attempts to provide full implementation of the features it offers, leaving features unimplemented until a verified need exists for the features.


Program Flexibility


We pride ourselves on producing some of the only truly customizable products for Social Services Providers, while still meeting common standard goals and expectations within the marketplace. We offer the ability to tailor our product to your agencies unique needs. This can include anything from language and nomenclature adjustments, to full-blown remodels of our data management infrastructure to support your unique needs. We also offer full branding, ensuring that your agencies image is still a strong part of all data collection processes. 

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