After countless years of working in the social services field, it became apparent that there was a growing trend. Staff personnel were beginning to spend more time proving that they were taking care of their contracted clients, and less time actual providing meaningful services.  As the amount of "paperwork" continually increased, it became obvious that we as providers were at a "cross-roads". Either find a better and more efficient way of providing services, or sacrifice meaningful care to meet the new and ever-changing requirements placed upon us - and many other agencies worldwide. 



It was then, surrounded by computer science savvy friends and co-workers that the idea of Assisted Life Solutions was born. We set out with the purpose of reducing risk, reducing errors, and improving the lives of every single person we supported. Over the course of the next few years the Assisted Life Solutions grew, refining our products, refining our code-base, building a better and more powerful product. Our products grew with every change in legislation, every adjustment in client needs, and are based upon the direct feedback of the users that use the product itself. Ten's of thousands of hours later - Assisted Life Solutions made its official debut. 



Assisted Life Solutions is committed to providing the best possible solution that reduces the amount of work placed on its users, reduces the risk for errors and mistakes, and that ultimately allows everyone the ability to put the "person element" back into social services. The Assisted Life Solutions is an organic company that was built with ultimate flexibility in mind. We understand that every company has a need, and that their need may not be identical to their neighbors. We strive to ensure that our product can positively impact every business in the social services industry today and that each supported client can get the care they ultimately deserve. 


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Organize your data, and generate reports.Billing has never been easier.

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